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We will never destroy a perfectly good 3-tine fork head...but this is what happens when we find a 3-tine fork head that has a damaged middle tine. It's only happened three or four other times in the past. If you absolutely must have a Clan Bacon fork, and it has to be a two tine, this is your chance. It might be a long while before we have another one like it. This is a medium tine, mounted on a light handle, so it's perfect for 10 or 12 lb. sheaf bags.


Clan Bacon sheaf forks are 100% custom made out of vintage/antique 3-tine hay fork heads. We remove the rust, polish the tines, and hand finish the heads, then mount them on brand new replacement wooden handles.

Our "light forks" are mounted on straight "rake" style handles. These are perfect for 10 lb. and 16 lb. sheaf bags.

Our "heavy forks" are mounted on angled "pitchfork" style handles. These are recommended for the 20 lb. sheaf bags, but work well on lighter 16 lb. and 10 lb. bags too.

Both styles come with rubber comfort grips, tape wrapped handles and grips, tine tip-protectors (so you don't poke yourself), gloss black paint, and a Clan Bacon brand sticker, so everyone knows you have excellent taste in sheaf forks.


* Highland Games are dangerous. Clan Bacon is not liable for injuries caused by our implements.

Two-Tine Sheaf Fork

$150.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price
Heavy Fork
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