MAS Bacon

MAS Wrestling

The Chief of Scottish Clan McBain tries out "MAS Bacon" with Tucson Celtic Hammerhead Highland Games practice group founder Doug Mostyn at the Tucson Celtic Festival.



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& Meaty


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Mas Wrestling


Maide Leisg, Scots-Gaelic for "lazy stick"


* A game descended from Vikings, adopted by the Yakuts in the Sakha Republic of Russia, and spread around the World by bored sailors.

* One of the greatest tests of two people's functional strength; fighting over a stick for all the glory!

* Athletes sit in front of each other heel to heel, prop their feet againt a wooden board, and pull on a stick. (Highland Games traditionally use a swingletree, a wooden shaft used to connect a cart to a horse harness).

* Strength, agility, speed, and leverage all play a roll in this sport.

* Find out more at Mas Wrestling USA's website:

This is what it's all about: A couple of spectators at the Tucson Celtic Festival giving something new a try.  We'd say they had quite a bit of fun!