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MAS Bacon

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The Clan Bacon Mas Wrestling exhibit at the Phoenix Caledonian Highland Games in March, 2023.  Loads of Highland Games athletes and spectators had a go at it.  It was a big hit with the men, women, and children of all ages.  Check out the video to the right.

MAS Wrestling

The Chief of Scottish Clan McBain tries out "MAS Bacon" with Tucson Celtic Hammerhead Highland Games practice group founder Doug Mostyn at the Tucson Celtic Festival.



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& Meaty


+ salty +

Mas Wrestling


Maide Leisg, Scots-Gaelic for "lazy stick"


* A game descended from Vikings, adopted by the Yakuts in the Sakha Republic of Russia, and spread around the World by bored sailors.

* One of the greatest tests of two people's functional strength; fighting over a stick for all the glory!

* Athletes sit in front of each other heel to heel, prop their feet againt a wooden board, and pull on a stick. (Highland Games traditionally use a swingletree, a wooden shaft used to connect a cart to a horse harness).

* Strength, agility, speed, and leverage all play a roll in this sport.

* Find out more at Mas Wrestling USA's website:

Look for a Mas Wrestling event coming soon.  Check back here for details.

This is what it's all about: A couple of spectators at the Tucson Celtic Festival giving something new a try.  We'd say they had quite a bit of fun!

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