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Looking for Practice Gear?


You don't just run down to the local sporting goods store and pick up a 22# Scottish hammer, sheaf bag, or hammer blades.  Here are all of guys that we know of that make the stuff we need.

We are asked all the time for recommendations.  Without showing favoritism, we will share with you all that our personal weights are from Mike Landrich, sheaves from Jason Clevenger, and forks and hammer blades from Clan Bacon.

Landrich Power Systems

Mike makes awesome weights.  In fact he made all of ours!  Contact him through his Facebook page here. Let him know Clan Bacon sent you.

Clevenger Sheaves

Contact Jason at his Facebook page here.  His bags are incredible!

Eddie Brat Leather

If handmade wearable art is what you want check out Eddie's webpage here.

The Kilted Carpenter

If you're in the North Carolina area, contact Jeff Crouch about some implements. Find him here on Facebook at the Kilter Carpenter

MDS Highland Games Implements

Marcelo is a Highland Games athlete who wanted his own implements and decided why not just make them. Now he makes and sells high quality Highland Games Implements. Contact him through his Facebook page here.

Clan Bacon

Yes, we carry hammer blades and vintage 3-tine sheaf forks sometimes.  Check out the Clan Gear page, or send us an email for details.

Diablo Pitchforks

Give Kel Mulrey a shout at his Facebook page here.

Buccleuch Forks

Buccleuch Forks builds high quality pitchforks for the Scottish Highland Games Sheaf Toss using only antique, forged forks. Contact Chris through his Facebook here.

Rampant Lion Highland Graphics

Looking for awards?  Contact Carol and Nola here.

SoCal Lifting Stones

Making and delivering lifting stones around the SoCal area. Check them out on Facebook here to get a stone on order today!

Old Celt Highland Games Equipment

Looking for weights.  Contact them through Facebook here.


Contact Kas through his Facebook page here.

Outlaw Sheaves

Contact them on Facebook here!

TdB Throw & Strength Equipment

Contact them through Instagram here or their website here.

Iron Viking Implements

Contact them on Facebook here!

PM Sheaf Bags

Contact them on Facebook here!

Odin's Choice Strength Systems

Contact them on Facebook here!

or Instagram here!

The Tacky Hammer

Contact them on Facebook here!

VanCleave  Implements

Contact them on Facebook here!

Warhawk Highland Implements

Contact JW through his Facebook here.

Badger Highland Games Supply

Contact Greg through his Facebook here.

C&M Welding and Fabrication

Contact them through their Facebook here.

Black Sheaf

Contact Michael through his webpage here or Facebook page here.

Know of someone we missed?  Let us know, and we'll share their info too.

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