AM Records (Men)


Braemar Stone (22# - 26#)

November 07, 2020

John Van Beuren

47' - 8.25"

Stone Weighed in at 22.325#

Moab, UT (Scots on the Rocks)

Open Stone (16#)

January 01, 2013

Nick Kahanic

63' - 3.75"

Amherst, NY

Heavy Weight for Distance (56#)

Eric Frasure

49' - 8"

Light Weight for Distance (28#)

Eric Frasure

91' - 9"

Heavy Hammer (22#)

Eric Frasure

124' - 7.5"

Light Hammer (16#)

January 01, 2017

Skylar Arneson

146' - 11"

Kirksville, MO

Sheaf (20#)


Sheaf (16#)


Weight Over Bar (56#) Standing

November 07, 2020

John Van Beuren

18' - 8"

Moab, UT (Scots on the Rocks)

Weight Over Bar (56#) Spinning

January 01, 2006

Eric Fraser


Chicago, IL

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As of 12/12/2017 Ryan Stewart has volunteered to take on the responsibility of record-keeping where left off sometime in 2014

All records listed have been verified by Ryan Stewart in accordance with standard practices:

1) It is the responsibility of the Judge or Athletic Director to verify the record, and report it to Ryan.  Reports from athletes will not be accepted without verification.

2) The Record must be set within all rules for that event.

3) The throw must be measured with a steel tape, and measurement witnessed by Judge and second witness (Athletic Director, another sanctioned Judge, Scorekeeper, but not the athlete or fellow competitor).

4) The implement will be weighed on a certified scale and the weight will be equal to or more than the legal weight for that implement. In the case of the Weights for Distance, the Weight for Height, and the Hammer Throw, the overall length of the implement will be measured and the length will be equal to or less than the legal length of that implement.

Please notify Ryan of any pending World record throws, or verified throws that are not listed here.  You can also contact us and we will forward the information to Ryan.